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RD Script Encoder
You can update the patch yerself now, even create a new game if ya wanted to!
Get it here

RD Patch 1.4
This patch is final. It contains the fixes that were used in Unoffical 1.3. Must use unpatched rom.
Get it here

RD Patch Unoffical Patch Final
This patch fixes mistakes in the game and allows the player to use the ingame saves. Read the readme for more information.
Get it here

RD Patch 1.2
This patch fixes a few more bugs AND translates the title screen graphics. Must use unpatched rom.
Get it here

RD Patch 1.1
This patch fixes a few bugs that has been reported. Must use unpatched rom.
Get it here

RD Patch 1.0
This patch completely translates Radical Dreamers. Must use unpatched rom.
Demiforce's Translated Patch

RD Beta Patch
This is the first few minutes of the game translated,
but it still looks pretty darn cool. Demiforce rocks!
Demiforce's Beta Patch

Radical Dreamers (unpatched)
This is the game! Patch it and enjoy!
Demi's site
My site

Emulated Soundtrack
Only complete soundtrack you'll find!
Needs an SPC player to play.
Soundtrack is just like CC. Very nice.
Download here!

Special ROMs:

Chrono Trigger Music Library   
My Site

English patch for Music Library
My Site

Chrono Trigger Character Library
My Site

Chrono Trigger Jet Bike Special    
My Site

What are these roms? Their names imply everything about them. These games were released in Japan on the Satellaview, just like Radical Dreamers. They're sort of "extras" for the fans of Chrono Trigger, but of course they never made it here. Chrono Trigger Music Library is simply the soundtrack, ordered exactly like it is on CD, but produced by the SNES (or emulator), sort of like a special .SPC rom. CT Charater Library has every single frame of every single character in the game. All friends, all enemies, everything. CT Jet Bike Special is simply the 2300 AD jet bike game (vs Johnny), but all by itself, with a bigger scoreboard, and nothing more. These roms are in Japanese. But believe me, you can still enjoy them, and get just about as much from them as you would if they were in English.

Other stuff:
Need an SNES emulator? ZSNES is the best
and the most compatable with older computers.

Need an SPC player? If you've got Winamp, you
can download a plugin called SNESAMP to
emulate any SNES soundtrack.
Go here to download Snesamp